Thursday, February 09, 2017

Rapture - the Blessed Day? (CE43)

Dan 12:11-13 "And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days. But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days."
    From the stoppage of the daily calls to prayer (daily sacrifices) of the Al-Aqsa mosque to the completion and dedication of the temple of God on the Temple Mount will be 1,290 days.
   But from the stoppage of the daily sacrifices to the 'Blessed Day' will be 1,345 days. Thus from the dedication of the temple of God (beginning of the great Tribulation) till the 'Bless Day' will be 1,335 days - 1,290 days = 45 days. We will have to wait or endure another 45 days to this 'Blessed Day' or Rapture when our Lord Jesus Christ will come from heaven to collect his elects from the four corners of the earth to meet Him in the clouds.

Mat 24:21-22 "For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened."
    Brethren, is it possible that the period of the great Tribulation will be shortened to 45 days? The dedication of the temple will be so deceiving that Jewish Priesthood, Christian leaders, all religious leaders will bow down and worship the end Antichrist as God. No wonder our Lord Jesus told all those in Judea to flee to the mountains. How are we going to survive the remaining 45 days?

Mat 24:17 "Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house. And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes."
    All those upstairs (housetop) and those working in the field, must immediately take their families and flee into the mountains otherwise they will be tempted to watch TV of the Antichrist's dedication if the temple and be deceived.

Mat 24:19 "But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days!"
    Those pregnant and with nursing babies will not be able to flee immediately but will have to pack some clothing and food for the babies. They will be attracted or trapped to watch TV and be deceived.

Mat 24:20 "And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath."
   In winter the mountains are covered with snow and on the Sabbath they can only walk a short distance and cannot flee to distant mountains. Because of their closeness to Jerusalem and the temple, they will be able to see the lying wonders of the Antichrist - suddenly Jerusalem covered with thick cloud with thunder and lightning (just like God's presence on Mount Sinai) and also lightning, cloud and fire coming down from heaven (similar to the dedication of Solomon's Temple). All these signs will draw them to turn back to satisfy their curiosities.

    How are we going to overcome all the deceptions of the Antichrist unless we trust and obey our Lord Jesus who had overcame the devil on the cross in Calvary, for brethren the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  2Thess 2:9-10