Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nation Against Nation (CE02)

Mat 24:6-7a   "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. *For nation will rise against nation*, and kingdom against kingdom."_
If kingdom means a country rules by a king (President or Prime Minister), then nation will be a tribe or group of people. So nation against nation will be civil unrests, protests, wars, rebellions, etc. caused by political, racial, tribal, religious, financial, etc. sources.

Arab Spring
The series of demonstrations and protests across the Middle East and North Africa that commenced in December 2010, became known as the "Arab Spring. Within a short period of 3 months, almost all Muslim countries ( surrounding Israel) were involved in this 'Arab Spring':-

Country                        2010

Tunisia                         Dec 18
Algeria                         Dec 29


Lebanon                       Jan 12
Jordan                          Jan 14
Mauritania                   Jan 17
Sudan                          Jan 17
Oman                          Jan 17
Yemen                         Jan 18
Saudi                           Jan 21
Egypt/Saudi Arabia    Jan 25
Syria                           Jan 26
Djiboti                        Jan 28
Morocco                     Jan 30
Iraq                             Feb 10
Bahrain                       Feb 14
Iran                             Feb 14
Libya                          Feb 15
Kuwait                        Feb 18

(Many governments gave economic concessions, removal of some restrictions, etc. to ease problems.)

This 'Arab Spring' is the fulfillment of 'Rumours of nations rising against nations' whereby the public had expressed their dissatisfactions with their governments and their desires for change.

all these things must come to pass

The Arab Spring developed into the Arab Uprisings with civil wars and rebellions in many Arab countries. By the end of February 2012, rulers had been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya; civil uprisings had erupted in Bahrain and Syria; major protests had broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Sudan.

All these civil wars and rebellions were caused by the infighting between the various factions of Islam (Shia, Sunni and Wahhabi) fulfilling prophecy of 'Nation against nation'. Many of these countries settled their problems in various ways with some of the heads of States being sentenced to death or killed.

Libya suffered very badly during the revolution with its leader and some family's members killed mercilessly. Yemen is facing ruin with Saudi Arabia supporting the rebels. The authorities in the land of Syria and Iraq are still fighting ISIS a group of ultra extremists with mad killers.

but the end is not yet
This clearly states that some of these religious wars will be so intensive, cruel, extensive, etc. that those found there, will be living in hell as though it is the end of the world. This was the case found in Syria and Iraq.

When ISIS (Sunni Wahhabi​ extremists - former al Qaeda) took over a large part of the land and declared the Caliphate, they brutally murdered many non extremists including Shia, moderate Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims. Women were raped and sold as sex slaves.

All retaken towns in both Syria and Iraq were in complete ruins. Factories and oil fields were set on fire causing health hazards. Many of those wanting to flee were brutally killed. Civilians including women and children were used as human shields. Estimates that more than 25℅ of population killed.

Iraq and Syria are moving towards fulfilling end time Bible prophecies.