Thursday, February 16, 2017

Daniel's End Time War (CE10)

Dan 11:40 "At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through."
    According to the prophecy given to Daniel, in the last days (time of the end) the king of the South will attack the king of the North.

After the death of Alexander the Great, the Grecian Empire was broken up into 4 kingdoms under the control of each General.
1. Greece and Macedonia
Gen. Cassander took control of Greece and Macedonia;
2. Turkey
Gen. Lysimachus took control of Thrace and most of Asia Minor;
3. Southern kingdom
Gen. Ptolemy took control of Egypt, Palestine (Israel), Petra and Cyprus;
4. Northern kingdom
Gen. Seleucus took control of Iran (Persia), Iraq, Syria, Lebanon (former Persian Empire).

The king of the North
Iran has become a highly religious Shia nation and is completely controlled by the Ayatollah.
Iraq was conquered by US collision in 2003 and this war torn nation is now ruled by Shia
Syria ruled by Shia, was caught in the Arab uprising and is now a war torn country.
Note - Turkey was not part of the Northern Kingdom

Iran      90% Shia,  ruler Shia
Iraq    >70% Shia,  ruler Shia
Syria  <15% Shia,  ruler Shia
Hezbollah in Lebanon is Shia

There were at least 4 groups fighting one another in this region.
1. The Shia which governs Iran, Iraq and Syria.
2. The Sunni which is the majority in Syria and are rebelling against the ruling party in both Syria and Iraq.
    The West supported the Shia by disposing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but in Syria they are supporting the rebelling Sunnis.
3. ISIS the Islamic extremists, which formed the Sunni Caliphate in Syria and Iraq and are fighting everyone.
4. The Kurds are protecting their own land from ISIS and are rebelling against the ruling powers for independence.
    At present all efforts are directed to annihilate IS for its great atrocities and horrific killings. This mess will see the Shias, under the control and direction of Iran (Persia) and with the help of the Russians, will finally massacre the Sunnis and emerge as the victor in this conflict.
    In 2016, with the help of Russia - Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah signed an understanding for military co-operation, which will eventually lead to the formation of the coalition of these countries headed by Iran. The present wars in both Syria and Iraq are seeing the imminent defeat of IS and also the erosion of powers of the Sunnis. These will soon result to victories of Shias in both Iraq and Syria and finally the formation of the king of the North headed by Iran (Persia)

The king of the South
    The king of the South is basically Egypt and Israel. Egypt is a Sunni Muslim nation but a secular state and will not tolerate extremism (Latest Islamic Brotherhood government was recently removed by the military). It has volunteers/army fighting alongside the Sunni rebels against Assad's Shia government, which rules over the more than 70% Sunni majority in Syria. The West and the Arab States (Sunni) will encourage, finance and support Egypt to attack Iran. At the same time, they will encourage Israel (who, for the sake of self-preservation) to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran.

Brethren, if Iran revives its nuclear bomb programs what will be its outcome?